I’ve been McDonald’s free for 2.5 years

not a single penny of mine has gone towards them in that much time. 


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It’s 1am so I’m sorry for the people who won’t see this. But if you want confidence and don’t know how to get it, a really good way is to be confident in other people. When you walk into Starbucks, think, “damn, that barista’s hair is da bomb!” Or when you go to school, think, “my teacher is rocking that skirt!” When you start seeing everyone as being beautiful, at some point you realize that you’re everyone too.

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X-Wing and TIE Fighter Engagement Rings - Paul Michael Design


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"She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid."

Star Wars fan Bill Deacon transformed his 1974 Chevy Malibu into a street-legal replica of the Millennium Falcon. The road vehicle-turned-spacecraft features all sorts of great details, including HANCHWY vanity plates and a field of streaking stars around the ship’s bow on the hood and front bumper. But our favorite feature is the cockpit mounted in place of the right starboard side-view mirror that contains Han Solo and Chewbacca action figures.

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do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

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things that are cute:

  • when girls put their hair up in messy buns and there are a bunch of stray hairs hanging around their face/back of their neck
  • when girls wear beanies
  • when girls wear backwards baseball caps
  • when girls do literally anything ever
  • girls

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I wasn’t joking when I said my town is flooded. This is actually worse than the flood of 2010. Over 600 people were evacuated from their homes. After a torrential downpour, you can see that is snowed last night too. 
The river is only supposed to be on the right side of that road, everything on the left is dry land. You can see our student ghetto top left totally flooded too. 

Quebec Students Make the Best of an Annual Soggy Situation

This is honestly why I go to the BEST school ever. We’re small but we sure make headlines




For my photography class I did series of self-portraits in which I attempted to portray culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades. This is the product of that idea…

this is SO COOL oh man

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