Anonymous asked: I love you

Anonymous asked: That Haiku earned you a Harry Potter themed skeevy pick-up line. "Baby, if you were my House Elf you'd never be given clothes."


Anonymous asked: omg your anons are adorable

i feel privileged to not have hateful anons

i would also like to give every one of my anons a s’more cupcake with sprinkles on top

Anonymous asked: *red faced* The pretty, pizza, butt thing was a reference to your reblogging that quote calling for someone to give you pizza, grab your butt and tell you that you're pretty. I was trying to be cute and I'm crazy and you're pretty and I would have grabbed your butt but I don't know you well enough to grab it without permission and now I'm run-on sentencing and you're pretty okay I'll go now.

haha i know exactly what you were referring to :)

don’t go! we can be friends

Anonymous asked: *gives you something pretty, grabs your pizza and tells you what a butt you are* Wait, I did that wrong...

Anonymous asked: I'm one of the new followers. I saw a pic of you on another blog, thought you're freaking hot so I clicked on the link. Checked your blog and that's pretty rad too. *follow*

Anonymous asked: You are so very beautiful.

thank you :)

Anonymous asked: I compliment you on anon because then it's a pure compliment. If off anon there might be some kind of cloud on if I'm flirting (I am a bit though) and trying to get something from you. No ulterior motives, everyone sees, maybe others get the courage to compliment you too. You deserve to hear it so much, I've been following you for ages now and asked before about EU novels and spoken before and I can say, unequivocally, that you are one of the most amazing people I've ever interacted with.

well then in that case, i accept your anonymity and honesty. 

i just wish i could return the favor to such a polite individual. i do hope the rest of your day is everything you want it to be :) 

Anonymous asked: I'm trying to figure out how to properly phrase this message. I want to convey how beautiful and sexy I find you. Which is easy because you can see in a mirror every day how true that is. The problem for me is how do I also express that how cool and awesome you are even eclipses your beauty? That the passion you show in what you do, when you talk about the movies and books and everything that you care about makes you so much more attractive? I'm just not sure how to say all that and more.

you just did :)

and thank you, that really brightened up my day. you don’t need to be anon to say this. that’s extremely sweet of you and well put. i don’t get to hear this every day so thanks. maybe we could have a conversation sometime, but not on anon :) 

Anonymous asked: You know, Vulva would make a great villain name. Can you think of anything that strikes fear into the hearts of men like the anatomical names of lady bits? Not shortened, not slang, but actual medical words. It's like invoking Christ in front of a demon. "Vulva." *hiss* "Labia." *cringe* "Clit...oris." *demon bursts into smoke and flees to hell* (Sorry, seeing your reply there made me laugh and I thought you might get a chuckle out of this.)

this is actually brilliant

Anonymous asked: Okay, if you could get musical implants (not that you need any as you're perfect, but musical sounds (no pun intended) awesome) what would you have them play? One song per breast. I'm guessing "Imperial March" and GoT theme? Which for which? Your anons, asking the hard thought-provoking questions.

yes Imperial March would be in Donatello Trite III (left one) 

and probably “Dance for me Wallis” by Abel Korzeniowski in Phineas Aplesworth (right one)

because you never know when you need something beautiful/epic/lovely/want-to-break-out-in-bad-ballet-middle-of-the-living-room worthy 

Anonymous asked: "Okay, I have three questions: Who's the hot redhead? Why does she keep squeezing her breasts? And who keeps playing the 'Imperial March' from 'Star Wars?'"

me (i guess)

because boobs


Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say you are one of the most beautiful women on tumblr. Heck, anywhere. I adore your fandoms and am envious of some of your collections. You're just all around awesome. So, um, there, okay, I'll go now.

get off anon and reveal yourself! i don’t bite… i nibble

Anonymous asked: can we talk about how perfect your thighs are

Anonymous asked: I looooove gin

i looooove tequila