Anonymous asked: How the hell are you losing followers? I was waiting for you to finish your military service, because your blog kicks ass.

thanks! gotta get back in the groove. was weird not being on for 2 months. kind of a cleanse but now i’ve got so much free time. 

time to Tumble! 

Anonymous asked: Do you have any more pics of you and your friend from Comicon? I didn't get a good enough look at your awesome cosplays!

i’m trying to collect a few from around the internet. working on it!

Anonymous asked: Random Reminder: You are beautiful. Not just in the obvious physical way that turns the heads and hearts of men and women so-inclined, but also beautiful in the makeup of who you are. The passionate and unapologetic Star Wars love, the GoT greatness, your fandom soul. The kindness you show, the way you treat others, just everything. As said, you are beautiful.

why do you have to be anon? you are wonderful for stepping up and saying those things. never ever be anon if you have this much awesome to bring to the table. thanks :) you totally made my night

next time show me who you are so i can send a million hugs your way <3 

although your sunglasses are pretty rad

Anonymous asked: Fuck yeah! You have been missed.

Anonymous asked: Leveling up your Tank Girl cosplay?

omg I WISH. 

no no. actually….  I’m working on a female PyramidHead cosplay for comic con

Anonymous asked: Damn, you're pretty.

Anonymous asked: I was gonna reblog that post, but then I got high. I was gonna like that sucker too, but then I got high. I was gonna tag it insightful too, declare my love for you, but I got high, but I got high, but I got hiiiiiiigh.

love you

Anonymous asked: why are your Bobes Red? Do they have a rash?

i am a ginger and the female version of ginger folk have red skin. we must wear many layers of so-called makeup to cover our faults. it takes many hours before we may go outside in public

i hope this answers your inquiry 

Anonymous asked: Traci Lords as your idol has sent my mind so far into the gutter that mutated ninja-esque turtles of the post-tween variety are playing hacky sack with it. ;)


Anonymous asked: If you asking how you got followers, I know for me I stumbled across your blog Star Wars hunting and I liked the quirkiness of your posts. Saw your pic and you're fucking gorgeous. *follow* I imagine it happed a lot like that for everyone else too.

Anonymous asked: *innocently amasses an army of mechanical infantry and modern armor near your southeastern border*

i’m ready

Anonymous asked: *tells the Zulus where you are out of spite, sells them world maps so they can find you*

my borders are well guarded. as long as you remain anon, i won’t play friendly

Anonymous asked: Fiiiiiiine. Mutual embassies and I'll introduce you to a civilization in exchange for, hm, University?

You’re really pulling my chain. I’d rather get another advancement instead of meeting another Civ. They’ll find me eventually, and when they do I’ll be more powerful than anyone in the entire Universe…. (so they’ll be frightened by my military) muahaha

Anonymous asked: I vote whenever someone asks/demands you to post a photo of yourself, naked, that you post a photo of yourself in clothes and tell people you were naked when you posted it. Not your fault if their directions weren't clear enough. Always mess with wording and don't do anything you don't want to. Except pay me 30 pieces of gold for an embassy and we'll negotiate introductions to other civilizations.

someone told me to do this 2 years ago and i did haha. the asker was not pleased. 


Anonymous asked: you should really post more pictures of you - naked. please? :/