Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

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oh look, another girl in another batman shirt
took a nude photo, for your viewing pleasure

If little boys’ superhero costumes can come equipped with full muscles, then little girls’ superhero costumes should come equipped with massive tits… let them keep thinking what ideal body types are…

does that answer your question?

bought some new books today!! Finally I can read something again now that school is over :D So happy. And found out Tim Sale will be at MTL Comic Con this so I can have him sign the Batman novel. Squee so excited! 
So I keep seeing a picture of the Joker from another convention and he looks good and all, but this guy was being body painted in Montreal 2011. beautiful
what I got my boyfriend for V-day and his B-day -(which is Friday). I hope he likes it!

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This cake is perfect.

There’s a whole lotta awesome going on here.