went for a hike today

my dog is secretly a merdog when he dreams
chilling with my pup and Bill Murray on St. Pat’s. 
Happy St. Pat’s!!
someone has a bellyache and needs cuddles 
hint: that someone isn’t me

I wonder if he ever found what he was looking for

(pictures taken from winter-spring)

Bruiser only seems smart..
in my spare time, i stack things on my dog’s face
i miss my boy
Ice, Bruiser, Shadow
Bruiser kisses
Bruiser supports Movember 
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I was walking my dog Bruiser this morning and a nice older lady comes up to me and is so happy to meet him. She says she had a husky/malamute that she lost 3 years ago, and that she still missed him. She asks my dog’s name: “Burger! what a nice name, have a nice walk Burger”

I didn’t have the heart to correct her

look who’s scared of thunder.. the ONLY time he’s allowed on the couch
Trying to get some yoga done when this thing comes to lay down on my legs