geoffreytoday replied to your photo: oh hey, whatcha thinkin ‘bout?

I was thinking about star wars.

oh good. then we’re on the same starship

geoffreytoday asked: I feel your pain. I don't get to go see Dark Knight Rises until August :{

GUISE can we please have a moment for this gentleman

some analogies for this would be: receiving a melted ice cream on a cold day OR not being able to orgasm for 2 weeks OR not being included in an inside joke between your two best friends OR getting your internet removed from you right when discover nice strangers 

sad sad moments in our lives 

geoffreytoday asked: will you run away with me so we can live nerdily ever after?

you are too sweet :)

arrghh life.. life gets in the way of my life… just so the whole world knows, my heart has already run away and i am spoken for 

that doesn’t mean i can’t still love you all. I’d really enjoy some more lady friends, i’m lacking in that department, anyone?