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I don’t know what you just said, but I appreciate the dweeb in you. I has crush.

lol you are my favorite non-dweeb person. still a dork <3 

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tu aimes mes croissants? :D

maintenant je veux des croissants! 

jenifajalouse asked: game of buns.

your buns <3 nom nom

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Let’s go streaking

i’ve never done it, but if i was drunk enough i would 

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I wanna watch #3. come over, bring your tequila.

gguugghhhh but that one is 5 hours long. i’d never get through it. the tequila would make me want to take my shirt off screaming “i love boobies” 

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Mmm old Nintendo controller

nah, my N64 is downstairs. i have my PS3 in my room

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snowsuits or unitards lol

one piece ski suit!! $3 thrift shop purchase… oh helllls yes 

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can you hear :P

yea i can hear in my left ear, which connects to the right hemisphere of the brain, which is the side that detects music and pitch. so if i sing, i can at least know that my notes are correct. funny how that works. 

this is why i study brain science :) 

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nooooo!!! i hope you’re okay!

Doctor confirmed I have a perforated ear drum in my right ear.. so i’m deaf in that ear for awhile.. and my left eardrum is red as well but not as bad. so i got antibiotics and mutherfuckin T3’s!! awwww yiissssss. let the pain subside

but seriously, it sucks and really hurts :( i’m always lightheaded and dizzy, and i start classes again tomorrow, don’t know how i’m going to be able to hear the prof very well. i can’t sleep at night, i wake up every 2-3 hours. it’s really hard to eat bc when i chew it makes my ear throb. 

there’s a constant ringing in my right ear too. i guess bc i can’t hear anything, it’s like total silence, ALL THE TIME. this is more painful than when i got my wisdom tooth pulled. 

i’m sad

jenifajalouse asked: i love you

no shhh….. i love you 

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You have an eye for space and proportions, that’s important

thanks :) i hope my 2 years of Creative Arts didn’t go to waste :p 

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shit, my cold water is free…

well then i’m coming to you :)

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I JUST HAD ONE TOO! then i woke up and thought i was running late for work!

i dreamt i was still at work.. waitressing… and the people i was serving took literally 2 hours to give me their drink order. so frustrating 

teeheehee i do don&#8217;t i? and i love Jay Baruchel, i&#8217;ve got a crush on him

jenifajalouse asked: i hope theres snacks in the bookstore

there better be vending machines - i need my ruffles…