Went as Pyramid Head to Montreal Comic Con today! 

Quite the success with my accomplice nurse

Hey my tumblr-onian followers <3 

I’m leaving this Sunday for 2 months of training for my trade qualification in the reserves. I’ll be on very very minimally. I understand most of you might unfollow me during this time but that’s ok. Posts will be rare and few. I’ll be working 24/7 5 days/week and exploring Ontario on the weekends (as I’ve never been able to before). You are more than welcome to still send me messages as I’ll check them when I can. 

Lots of army love, 

Redbobes <3 



went for a hike today


Graduated Uni on Saturday!! (me on left, best gal pal on right)
I&#8217;m smart now
in other news, i pet an alligator today
i&#8217;ll be your lil red riding hood


Redbobes- She’ll puncha yo buns. 

this is fun. i like

gonna be able to do this higher up hopefully soonlovin this class
i moved into an apt that has an appropriate selfie mirror in the bathroom! woohoo i can take ridiculous pictures now!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who couldn’t be here today

Your stars all shine bright and lead us to where we need to be