have a photo of my face for today. i’m feeling confident

miss me?

good morning sleepyheads

I was interviewed for my Pyramid Head cosplay at Montreal ComicCon and you can see what I have to say at 5:06 and on in the video. 

What an awesome guy! 

My friend and I are in the official cosplay video for Montreal Comic Con! Not only that but we are the very first cosplay shown!! 

I am beyond words and super stoked and very very happy! 

Went as Pyramid Head to Montreal Comic Con today! 

Quite the success with my accomplice nurse

Hey my tumblr-onian followers <3 

I’m leaving this Sunday for 2 months of training for my trade qualification in the reserves. I’ll be on very very minimally. I understand most of you might unfollow me during this time but that’s ok. Posts will be rare and few. I’ll be working 24/7 5 days/week and exploring Ontario on the weekends (as I’ve never been able to before). You are more than welcome to still send me messages as I’ll check them when I can. 

Lots of army love, 

Redbobes <3 



went for a hike today


Graduated Uni on Saturday!! (me on left, best gal pal on right)
I&#8217;m smart now
in other news, i pet an alligator today
i&#8217;ll be your lil red riding hood