greasers and socs tonight at happy hour! time for me to be a pin-up
university prom last night
went stag because my best friend was too
feelin purty today
and I hope yours is too!
me just derpin
One of the newest photos of me done by my amazing friend and photographer Marika based in Montreal, Canada. If you need a shoot done, go see her
chilling with my pup and Bill Murray on St. Pat’s. 
Happy St. Pat’s!!
Yes I’m a Chivette. This photo describes my spring break just fine. Haven’t drank a shitty 40 in 5 years. Feel so young and rebellious
nothing in town is safe anymore

met this kid last night who’s in the same year as me but i’ve never seen before. he somehow knew everything about me and we talked about StarWars all night at the bar. He kept bringing things up about me and i kept wondering how he knew. I asked him how he knew and his only answer was that I’m Steph (insert last name) and that I am legendary at my university. My school only has 2500 students. 

Wow, most amazing compliment ever. He was actually being legit and it completely made my night. 

However, the fact that I was rolling may have made it seem so much cooler at the time. He even walked me home to be sure i was ok but didn’t stay over. yup that’s a gentleman right there

and he has a beard - bonus 

going through my MCC pictures the other day with my friend, and he said how Felicia Day is my doppelganger. Aside from me being covered in fake blood, I’m starting to ask myself why I haven’t noticed before. 
Hey new followers!! 
Here’s an atypical photo of me (meaning, I’m not near naked)During training this summer with an M72 rocket launcher. 

The beginning of my watercolor sleeve. Done by Toumai at Nephty’s Tattoo in Sherbrooke, Canada
Original art by Joanne Young:

Made it onto fyeahtattoos!!!!! FAMOUSso many notes! Gaahhhh Thanks everyone for liking it! 
someone has a bellyache and needs cuddles 
hint: that someone isn’t me