noaa131 asked: have i ever mentioned you were absolutely beautiful? yes? well here it goes again. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! :3


thanks :)

noaa131 replied to your post: i should do something, any suggestions? 

PARTY!!!!! :P

did that last night, thats why i need motivation to do something tonight lol

noaa131 asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESH'LA!!!!!!! -hugs tightly- i hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!!!! <3

thanks!! I sure will!


noaa131 asked: i love everything u post!!! keep on posting ner mesh'la cyar'ika!!!!!! :)

noaa131 asked: for ur photo shoot just be your regular beautiful amazing self :)

noaa131 asked: because u are beautiful and an amazing person to talk to and we share the great love for star wars cyar'ika :) -hug- i only wish that i knew u in person :)

Aww you are an honorable mandalorian new vod. If you love Mandalore, you NEED to follow this awesome man. also if you love NASA

noaa131 asked: its kinda funny how all the anons want to see ur boobs :P but i have to say way to go! and not doing it :) and i have to say ... i miss talking to u cyar'ika!

yea i know, my boobs are mine. thanks :)

miss talking to you too new vod