Hey my tumblr-onian followers <3 

I’m leaving this Sunday for 2 months of training for my trade qualification in the reserves. I’ll be on very very minimally. I understand most of you might unfollow me during this time but that’s ok. Posts will be rare and few. I’ll be working 24/7 5 days/week and exploring Ontario on the weekends (as I’ve never been able to before). You are more than welcome to still send me messages as I’ll check them when I can. 

Lots of army love, 

Redbobes <3 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who couldn’t be here today

Your stars all shine bright and lead us to where we need to be

met this kid last night who’s in the same year as me but i’ve never seen before. he somehow knew everything about me and we talked about StarWars all night at the bar. He kept bringing things up about me and i kept wondering how he knew. I asked him how he knew and his only answer was that I’m Steph (insert last name) and that I am legendary at my university. My school only has 2500 students. 

Wow, most amazing compliment ever. He was actually being legit and it completely made my night. 

However, the fact that I was rolling may have made it seem so much cooler at the time. He even walked me home to be sure i was ok but didn’t stay over. yup that’s a gentleman right there

and he has a beard - bonus 

just remembered my drunken shenanigans last night:

1. showed my boob to everyone (just the left one)
2. someone has it on camera
3. won a red hot wheels car in a pinata 
4. drank Guinness out of a huge mug convincing people it was coffee
5. sat in an inflatable empty pool in the middle of a party
6. woke up not in my own home

i’d say it was a successful evening 

a collection of my snapchats

my backyard view to the river

bottom image shows how cold it is: -20C and the river frost evaporates

side note of life: looking for a male, tattooed, around my age or only slightly older (26-29), likes being a total dweeb. must take care of self (body, hair, etc.), likes to grow a beard, loves the Canadian Rocky Mountains, likes girls with tattoos, and able to match my insanity level. 

seriously though, the insanity level matching ability is key

You know what has upset me recently?

I took a look at all the inactive blogs i follow, which ended up being quite a big number. so of course i unfollowed all of them. Now, these blogs have been inactive from anywhere between 45 to 783 days. You know what each and every one had in common? They were all Star Wars blogs. I am deeply hurt by the abandonment of these what used to be lovely individuals. But then again, maybe they had something better to do than post about SW all day; maybe they got lives and wives or husbands and children all in that span of time.

Nonetheless, the severe lack of SW on my blog has prevented me from finding new great SW blogs. The search will start anew it seems. Or else it will be up to me, the only hope. 

If you are wondering exactly how many I unfollowed, the number is 103

Difference is an ability, not a disability. We must learn to see the beauty in those who are different than us. Therein lies an ugliness in those incapable of seeing the capabilities of others not like them. Those who shun and lock out from their lives the ones able to bring eye-opening beauty is a misfortune, acting as a punishment to themselves. We cannot move forward without differences. Those differences are what make us human, what make us the stuff of stars 

studying in the library with my lil bro. i&#8217;m very concentrated on a calculus problem, i look up and there is the best surprise ever. 
best brother ever 
I live in Quebec, Canada. This is my friend. What happened to her is ridiculous, upsetting, and quite frankly I&#8217;m disgusted and embarrassed to live in this province. 
Something I&#8217;ve learned over the course of living here for 9 years is that Quebecers, more specifically the majority of french Canadians, are excessively racist and prejudice. It really quite sickens me. Once I&#8217;m done university here, I&#8217;m moving out West where there is a better tolerance of being human. 

i’m so tired of feeling down.

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my wall and newly acquired ceiling poster (no more space on my walls) 

I did it! I found it!

Found a boy, and he’s perfect. Going to have to work on this one but I think he might feel the same way about me. 

Squeee. so happy 

spent the day at the hospital

had a migraine for over 60 hours (that’s 2.5 days ya read me?) 

could not longer function, taking way too many over the counter drugs

finally went to the ER only to be IV’d all day with morphine

it’s been subdued but i still have a lingering headache. if morphine isn’t enough to kill a headache, there’s gotta be something else wrong. 

anyone in the health industry? care to help me out?

haven’t suffered a migraine in 9 years. it’s kind of a big deal right now