i’m so mad at everything right now

fuck school, honor’s sucks. i’ll never get my thesis done. i hate procrastinating. so stressful. why can’t i organize myself. 

i don’t even know what i want anymore

I go to take my dog for a swim..

After we’re done swimming, I walk him around the field and I see a massive st. bernard, the same one that keeps attacking my dog… Now, my dog is on a leash like usual, this guy is not… he comes running from across the damn football field, and I’m yelling “get your dog away, they don’t get along!” By the time the dog is attacking my dog (I’m holding mine in my arms practically and he’s a husky, and I’m spinning in circles while this bulldozer keeps biting my dogs legs) this girl finally starts running toward her dog. She doesn’t do a very good job at holding him back. Fuck I was so pissed, “Do you have a leash??” Quite bitterly she says “Yes!” (even though its nowhere to be found), not even a fucking ‘sorry’. What a cunt. Some people shouldn’t own fracken dogs, especially when they live in a tiny apartment and everyone at school knows the guy is under house arrest for selling drugs. I wanna call the cops on them so bad and get that dog to a better home. White trash.