Star Wars Shadows of the Empire 5 cover

Han Solo
Created by Mathew Jepiuh

The Emperor’s Arrival on the 4th Moon


Illustrations by Chris Trevas

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do the creep


Star Wars Dark Empire

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my friends are tools

Anonymous asked: Where do you stand on the controversial subject. Han or Greedo... who twerked first?

neither. twerking does not exist in the SW universe 

they wouldn’t know what twerking was even if Oola did it in Jabba’s Palace 

Anonymous asked: How are you handling the news that the entire Star Wars EU is being shelved and there will be no more books set in it? No more Thrawn and finding out if he was cloned or finding out what else is in the Unknown Regions. No more Mara, at all, no Jaina, no Jagged, no... nothing. I'm not handling it well, myself.

I think we’ll all be ok in the end. there’s only so much they can come up with. Galaxies are, after all, very small. This is also a great opportunity for fans to create their own novels and their own stories, comics, etc. going into the EU. 

Let’s not start crying, this seems silly. We are very lucky to have even received anything more than the original 3 movies. We have been gifted in the SW world. It has supernova’d into a dimension of space no one ever saw coming. 

Our imaginations are there for a reason. If you want certain endings to happen, they will happen in your mind, and that’s cool. It can lead to never-ending conversations with a friend. 

I am happy with what I have. I would be selfish to crave anything more. So go be happy, find new things to read. Start writing your own science-fiction series. Don’t fret about the future of Jaina and Jagged, they might not want their personal lives divulged to our galaxy. Let them live their lives peacefully in your imagination. 

As for me, I’ll move on. So many unloved books in the world. Time to spread the love. 




take a few moments to think about the fact that every person on this planet looks up and sees the same moon and how fucking wonderful that is

this is wrong each person on earth has a differentmoon that follows them and at the end of your life it comes down to earth and squashes you and kills you


the feels!

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a short horror story:

On May 5th, precisely at midnight…. all Star wars ceases to exist on my dash