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I actually don’t like SW at all

This has been a public service announcement

just lost 2 followers over this little joke. c’mon…. who actually believed i didn’t like star wars?! 

I actually don’t like SW at all

This has been a public service announcement

happy topless tuesday

You know what has upset me recently?

I took a look at all the inactive blogs i follow, which ended up being quite a big number. so of course i unfollowed all of them. Now, these blogs have been inactive from anywhere between 45 to 783 days. You know what each and every one had in common? They were all Star Wars blogs. I am deeply hurt by the abandonment of these what used to be lovely individuals. But then again, maybe they had something better to do than post about SW all day; maybe they got lives and wives or husbands and children all in that span of time.

Nonetheless, the severe lack of SW on my blog has prevented me from finding new great SW blogs. The search will start anew it seems. Or else it will be up to me, the only hope. 

If you are wondering exactly how many I unfollowed, the number is 103


The Star Wars Expanded Universe Cover Illustrations by Tsuyoshi Nagano

the most amazing and my favorite series in the EU

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hey new followers!
need to do another one of these. hmm yess.
until then, enjoy an oldie of me
made out of an old kid’s bunny costume and hockey tape… cost: $15 and 2 hours time 
my wall and newly acquired ceiling poster (no more space on my walls) 

fun times - credit to my friend Tanner for putting up with my silliness for 5 weeks in boot camp

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