the best part of my night is giggling by myself in my room. my roommates are always like, “whatcha laughin at?” 

where i reply “you’ll never know! muahahaha" as i retreat in my lonely fortress of tumblr-tude 

Tumblr knows

Why can’t I publish my asks?

i click it and nothing happens, but i can answer privately. this is really frustrating

Apparently I’ve been gone too long. Simmer down tumblr
Finally my dash works wonders. Gollum is writhing in pain at his humiliation

I have a new real life friend on tumblr..

and he asked me what it means to have one new house

one new house



I died

I was just told i was really addicted to tumblr… 
if only he knew the power

So… “J” and “K” now work on the facebook news feed.. I just got more lazy

love it when my dash does this
Me: Oh I totally found this awesome video/photo
Me: Going to post this on tumblr, nobody has seen this yet..
Me: Oh man, gonna be tumblr famous now!!
Me: *Post and go to dash*
Scroll, scroll, scroll
Me: Fuck, dammit, someone else already has 8000 fucking notes
Me: Bitch whore

I should go grocery shopping but Tumblr

how i felt last night for an hour
nicely done tumblr.. star wars card game in my future. sounds good. but what about tomorrow?!